How to Boost Exemplar Points to Gain Master Levels in FFXI

Master levels are a new feature in Final Fantasy XI that allows players to further enhance their jobs beyond level 99. To unlock master levels, you need to be a job master and obtain a Master Breaker from the Nomad Moogle in Ru’Lude Gardens. Master levels increase your support job level cap and your attribute and skill caps for both you and your pet. The current master level cap is 50. But before diving into the article, we want you to know if you are looking for a nice place to buy ffxi gil, MmoGah can be your best choice. We rank top 3 on Google.


To gain master levels, you need to earn Exemplar Points by defeating enemies that are level 98 or higher. You can also use Master Level Sync to adjust your level to match the target’s level and still earn Exemplar Points. However, if you use Master Level Sync with someone who is below level 99, you will not get any Exemplar Points.


One of the most efficient ways to farm Exemplar Points is to do AOE Cleave in Crawler’s Nest [S]. This method requires a well-geared Beastmaster with a Trust party of Shantotto II, Koru-Moru, Ulmia, Joachim, and Qultada. You also need a few items, such as Beastmen’s Seals, Warp Rings, and Pet Food Zeta. The basic steps are:


  • Use Beastmen’s Seals to spawn the BCNM “Under Observation” and defeat the three crawlers inside. This will give you a temporary item called “Crawler Egg” that boosts your pet’s stats.
  • Exit the BCNM and use Warp Ring to go back to the entrance of Crawler’s Nest [S].
  • Summon your Trusts and use Pet Food Zeta on your pet. Make sure your pet has the Crawler Egg buff and is set to stay mode.
  • Use Sneak and Invisible to avoid aggro and run to the tunnel where the Doom Scorpions spawn. There are usually four of them in a row.
  • Use Feral Howl on your pet to make it attack all four scorpions at once. Then, use Reward on your pet to heal it.
  • Watch your pet kill the scorpions while you stay out of range. Each scorpion will give you about 1000 Exemplar Points.
  • Repeat the process until you run out of Pet Food Zeta or Crawler Egg buff. Then, use Warp Ring to go back to the entrance and restock.
  • You can also use other Trusts or jobs for this method, but Beastmaster is the most effective.


By following this method, you can earn up to 200,000 Exemplar Points per hour and reach master level 40 in about 20 hours. This is much faster than killing Apex mobs, which only gives about 200 Exemplar Points per kill. However, this method requires some preparation and investment, so it may not be suitable for everyone.