For gold farming in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2, a variety of methods and locations across Azeroth have been highlighted as effective for accumulating wealth, catering to different playstyles and class capabilities.


Best Classes for Gold Farming:

The efficacy of gold farming can greatly depend on your chosen class.

Mages stand out as the S-Tier choice due to their powerful AoE capabilities, making them highly efficient for clearing groups of mobs and solo dungeon farming.

Hunters and Rogues are also excellent, offering strong solo capabilities and specific advantages such as pet support and stealth abilities, respectively.

Warlocks, Paladins, and Druids offer a mix of solo farming efficacy and versatility, with each class bringing unique strengths to different farming scenarios.

Warriors and Priests may find some methods more challenging but can still be effective with the right strategy.


Gold Farming Methods:

Farming-specific Leatherworking Materials like Deviate Scales and Red Whelp Scales can be lucrative due to their demand for crafting.

Pickpocketing in The Stockade is an effective method for Rogues, offering significant returns for relatively low effort.

Opening Raid Chests and Farming Dark Iron Ordinance provide opportunities for acquiring valuable items with a resale value.

Farming Madwolf Bracers and Questing at Maximum Level are also recommended for accumulating Season of Discovery gold, along with Leveling Professions, to capitalize on the demand for crafted items and materials​​.


Best Spots and Locations for Gold Farming:

Angerfang Encampment in the Wetlands offers a challenging environment for Horde players, with a modest gold yield and high competition from Alliance players.

Razorfen Kraul (RFK) Solo Farm is accessible and can be rewarding, especially for solo Priests, though the loot may not always match the effort involved.

Humbert’s Helm Farm in Hillsbrad Foothills, a location demanding for skilled or grouped players, offers potentially high rewards.

Nethander Stead in Hillsbrad Foothills emerges as an efficient spot with a commendable gold yield for the effort involved.

Bloodfury Farm in the Stonetalon Mountains and Centaurs Farm in Thousand Needles are noted for their high mob density and potential for lucrative drops.

Duskwood Ogre Farm and Duskwood Vile Worgen Farm are praised for their straightforwardness and high yield of valuable loot.

Naga Clam Farming in Hillsbrad and Big Iron Fishing Pool Farm in Desolace are unique spots offering significant gold for those able to meet their challenges​.


Each of these methods and spots presents unique opportunities and challenges, allowing for a variety of strategies tailored to individual preferences and class strengths. Whether you prefer engaging in combat, utilizing professions, or exploring specific farming locations, there’s potential for substantial gold gains in WoW SoD Phase 2.