Final Fantasy XIV is a top-rated video game, and many players have joined this big family over the years. New players or players that have never bought FFXIV Gil are probably wondering if you can purchase gil in FFXIV, and what will happen when buying gil, since players need an enormous amount of gil to support their character, and buying is the direct way.


Why Players Need Gil in FFXIV

There are so many things in this game, and people play this game for many reasons, like the stories, the beautiful views, the community, the raids, etc.


No matter for what reasons, most players would like a beautiful house of their own, a few sets of glamours, a few loved minions and mounts, and most of them cost gil, especially for large houses.


Doubts Players Might Have about Gil Purchase in FFXIV

If you need an enormous amount of FFXIV Gil, the easy and fast way is to buy gil in FFXIV. There are two things players care about when it comes to purchasing gil, or you can say that these two things make them hold back from buying gil in FFXIV.


1. Will I get banned for buying gil in FFXIV?

All players value their accounts, not only for the money they have spent when creating the account. Mostly, it’s the time and effort they have put into the character, such as the levels, achievements, gears, emotes, mounts, etc.


2. Will I receive my gil after paying?

Some players might worry about scammers, and no one likes to get scammed, there may have scammers in this business, but there are honest gil sellers too. One like us MmoGah is very trustworthy, and we have been selling FF14 gil for 12 years now. From the beginning of 1.0, all orders have been delivered, and many returning buyers over the years.


About the account banning, I have explanations in another way, and I will not just simply tell you whether it bans or not. You will find the answers below.


Cross a Bridge

Buying gil is like crossing a bridge. People who haven’t crossed any bridge yet might get scared, wonder if the bridge is strong enough, if there are holes in the middle, if the wind is too strong and blow them off, or if it can get you where you want to go.


The FFXIV Gil selling websites are like bridges.

Some bridges are very long to walk through.

Some are short and can get you to another side quickly.

Some bridges may look good but have holes you can’t see.

Some bridges may look normal, but they are strong.

Here I introduce you MmoGah, a short and strong bridge to support all players in need.


Banning accounts is like the wind on the bridge. The gil buyers’ accounts are like heavy stones, and gil sellers’ are like leaves. Usually, there is windless on the bridge, but when the wind blows, can it blow away the heavy stones? No, it can only blow away the leaves.


With our long selling experience, I can say that none of our customers got in any trouble for buying gil from us.


Where is the Best Place to Buy FFXIV Gil

There are many gold sellers out there. Well, I don’t know about other sellers, but as for our website MmoGah, we sell gold for many games and have many buyers from all places. We are in this business for the long run and care about our reputation, so we take every order carefully and deliver every order as fast as we can. If there are other situations and we can’t deliver your order in time, you can ask for a refund, and you will get your money back soon after.


One honest seller as MmoGah deserves your first order. Keep this in mind or bookmark our website, just in case you need a gil boost in the future, and we will not let you down. You will know it after your first order.


Difference Between Buy and Not Buy Gil

There are two worlds on the two sides of the bridge, one with poor living conditions and one with affluent living conditions. In the poor ones, you have to do everything on your own. If you want to eat something, you must plant it first and wait for it to grow, and even if you are starving, you still have to wait. But in the affluent world, you can buy anything you want, and if you have more free time, you can plant something for fun and enjoy the process.


Which world are you living in? If you are in the poor one, do you have the courage to cross the bridge now? If you do, you can check out the trading methods below.


How to Receive Gil in FFXIV When Buying at MmoGah

There are three most used ways to transfer gil in FFXIV.

1. Face-to-Face trade. You must stay online and stay out of dungeons because if you buy FF14 gil at MmoGah, you can receive your gil in a few minutes after we confirm your order. Remember to put an item when trading gil.

2. Mannequin (Sell Only as Set) You must own a house and have at least one Mannequin.

3. Market Board Trade. You need to list an item or a few items on the Market Board (MB) for the same amount as your Final Fantasy XIV Gil order. If you choose this way, you will get 5% less than the amount of your order because there is a 5% MB fee.


Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV.